“I recently contacted Brad Hendrix Professional Development Coaching with some health and wellness questions. I reached out to Brad because at my age I understand that sometimes in life I have trouble seeing the forest for the trees. We talked for about an hour with him asking many questions to understand my concerns. 5 days later he responded with a very thorough and well thought out response containing suggestions on each of my topics and reading material to educate me in areas I hadn't as of yet considered. Brad Hendrix Professional Development Coaching is knowledgeable, thoughtful and above all a very caring person and I recommend him to anyone trying to improve their life.”

Brian – Retired Glazier

Sun City, AZ

“I am incredibly grateful for the guidance and support provided by Brad Hendrix Professional Development Coaching. His expertise and compassionate approach have been instrumental in both developing my business and navigating the anxiety that comes with entrepreneurship. With his help I have gained confidence, achieved significant milestones and learned valuable techniques to manage stress.

I am incredibly grateful for Brad Hendrix’s mentorship which extended beyond professional matters. He genuinely cares about my well-being and supported me through the emotional roller coaster of entrepreneurship. Through his guidance I have not only achieved significant milestones in my business, but also developed the resilience and mindset necessary to navigate future hurdles.

I wholeheartedly recommend Brad Hendrix Professional Development Coaching to anyone seeking a compassionate, knowledgeable and dedicated life coach. Whether you're starting a business or facing personal challenges, Brad Hendrix possesses the expertise and genuine care to help you unleash your true potential and achieve success. His impact on my life and business has been immeasurable and I am forever grateful for the unwavering support.”

Adriana – Aquina’s Cup of Therapy

Tucson, AZ

“Brad Hendrix Professional Development Coaching was recommended to me by a friend and has since helped me tackle and overcome some of my current challenges about changing careers. Through well researched homework, questions on introspective self reflection and regular milestones, he has assisted me to re-cultivate important habits in my life, focus my energy on the areas that matter for my goals and find the field that I want to pursue in my future career. As my responsibility buddy he checked in with me throughout the weeks and kept me accountable on my weekly goals. All of our interactions have been respectful and honest and Brad always showed that he had my best interests at heart. I can wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone trying to make a change in their life.”

Lukas – Engineer and 3D Artist

Berlin, Germany

“Upon my recent move to Ecuador and embarking upon a new chapter in my life, which would include making monumental shifts in my daily habits and routines, I looked for guidance from Brad in his niche area of Personal Growth. In our initial consultation, I immediately knew Brad possessed the life-coaching qualities I was seeking. His bent toward utilizing the Socratic questioning method dovetailed with my interests in probing the depths in order to pinpoint underlying issues that could waylay my progress. In subsequent sessions, cooperatively defining milestones leading towards the goals I desired and then becoming “my Accountability Buddy”, Brad’s authentic interest, concern and care for my journey was just the support I needed to undertake these massive changes in my life. Brad is an active listener, a rare talent these days, and not only is he aware of and non-judgmental concerning neurodivergent personalities, his empathy and breadth of knowledge regarding varied learning styles is refreshing. As a result of our sessions together, I can sincerely say that I highly recommend Brad Hendrix Professional Development Coaching for those seeking to transform their lives.”

Christine – College Instructor

Cotacachi, Ecuador

“I had the pleasure of working with Brad Hendrix as my life coach, focusing on parenting and self-care, and I cannot recommend his services highly enough. Over the course of a month, Brad's guidance and support had a major impact on both my personal growth and my ability to navigate the challenges of single parenting. From the very beginning, Brad displayed a deep understanding and empathy for my struggles, particularly the anxiety and stress I faced as a single parent. He offered a tailored coaching approach that centered around my specific needs, which helped me feel truly heard and supported throughout our sessions.

One of the aspects of Brad's coaching that I found particularly beneficial was our weekly meetings. These check-ins provided the perfect balance of accountability and flexibility. They helped me stay focused on my goals, while still allowing me to adapt my priorities as circumstances evolved. Brad's flexibility ensured that the coaching journey was entirely shaped around my progress and personal development.

Under Brad's guidance, I discovered invaluable tools and strategies to manage my anxiety and stress. The positive affirmations he suggested were a game-changer for maintaining a positive mindset, especially during the more challenging moments of parenting. Simple practices like writing positive affirmations on my water bottle made a significant difference in how I approached my day-to-day life.

In conclusion, Brad Hendrix is a solid life coach, especially for those seeking support in the realms of parenting and self-care. His compassionate approach, combined with practical and personalized strategies, made a lasting impact on my life. Thanks to Brad, I now approach challenges with a newfound sense of resilience and a more positive outlook on both parenting and self-nurturing. If you're looking to unlock your potential and find a sense of balance in your life, Brad Hendrix is the coach you need by your side.”

Tee – Program Manager

Tucson, AZ

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