Why We Need Imagination

A spark of creativity fuels the imaginative mind of the inspired soul and drives them to bring into existence something that otherwise would never be conceived and shared with the world. The imagination is an unexplained connection to something greater than our own material relation to the world around us and yet so completely essential to the future of humanity. Every great breakthrough in any field of expertise relies on and is comprised of the will of an individual and their grasp of imaginative thought. The imagination is a part of humanity that needs to be cherished and nurtured if movement in new directions is desired, if steering away from old and repetitious ways of thinking is sought after. Individuals and groups of like-minded people would benefit immensely from working to cultivate and utilize their imaginative insights.

Imagination is extremely important to the very nature of what makes us human and gives us the ability to create a lifestyle different and ever-growing with new possibility. Inventions, art, music, poetry, literature, architecture, and many other diversified areas of thought all rely on the power of the imagination. Without imagination we would not have electricity or plumbing, we would not have the music or art that inspires emotional connections, we would not have the books that speak to us with meanings that are layered and constantly unraveling in ways we didn’t realize when the information was first read and interpreted. Imagination allows us to see beyond what is presented on the face, allowing us to see the metaphorical and inferred meaning behind things.

An example of the power of imagination and its creative influence on the world is the idea of a chair. I am currently sitting in a chair and weaving these words so that others may evoke new ideas or possibly be inspired, but I recognize the importance of the person who first imagined the chair. Before this person had the vision to create a chair, to bring it into reality, the chair didn’t exist on the material plane. This sole individual had an idea for something they couldn’t easily explain, maybe just an image in their mind that they needed to make tangible and give a shape and form. After many attempts of trial and error, the first chair came into being and was then given a name so that everyone could relate to the idea and share it with the masses. Many of the things we take for granted had to be imagined before they could be used by us without a second thought to the wonderful person who brought this device, gadget, computer, tool, or clothing to the world.

Inspiration, the guiding force that drives a person to fuel their imagination and makes them seek out something that doesn’t yet exist, is a result that comes from beyond the flesh and bone of the physical form that our soul resides within. Even if you see something or hear something that inspires you to create or imagine a thing, that inspiration came from within and not from outside the self. Any other person walking by a painting may just look at it and think, “oh my, isn’t that beautiful,” but the inspired individual is touched by something deeper within themselves that is recognized with help from, not because of, this external source of stimulus. Why are you inspired by this and not everyone else around you? Why does it seem that no one else sees what you see in the painting? This invoked creativity, this enticement to make something tangible, is an internal source.

There is a theory that somewhere in the dimensions of existence, on a level of consciousness that we are all connected to, lies a great pool of thought and ideas. It is believed by some that we all dip into this pool from time to time and retrieve our imaginative insights – our new creations – and that no new concept is ever actually created from nothing. In this sense, all great things that have ever been and ever will be are merely waiting for their chance to be plucked from the pool and shared with the world. If this train of thought is true, then our imagination relies on our connection to the pool and how often we are able to reach beyond ourselves and retrieve ideas and images from it to be constructed and given meaning in our reality. The more our imagination is cultivated, the more we can grasp from the pool and share with others.

I was encouraged from a young age to fuel my imagination, to take hold of my creative self and harness it, to strengthen it and make it an integral part of my life. This is why I love music and pursue it as a hobby, this is why I love to write, it is why I love art, and it is why I love to sit and have in-depth conversations with my friends about things that could be possible and others that are completely hypothetical. It is my hope that more people will appreciate their creative side – their imaginative side – and will learn to use it in whatever interest they fancy. In harnessing the power of imagination, the human race has the potential to rise to great heights of not only intelligence and wisdom, but of connecting to each other and to the unexplained fabric that has weaved us all together.

Ask yourself what it is that intrigues your curiosity and why it does. If you find a love for rocks, an interest in social behavior, appreciation for the many forms of art, or any other fascination, pursue it. Pursue your passions not only to learn more about them, but to add your own creative insight. Utilize your imagination and give it a voice, a body, and a life all its own. Do this for the betterment of your own soul’s innovative hunger and for the betterment of your fellow brethren. By adding your imaginative edge to the world, you enrich all of humanity.

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