The Secret to Being Rich

If you think that the way to become rich is through the gains of material wealth and possessions, then this isn’t for you. If yours is the mindset that money buys happiness, turn away now. If you have ever chosen cash over friendship or family, don’t even bother reading the rest of this paragraph. On the other hand, if you believe that money doesn’t make you rich, this will be right up your alley. If you are the type of person that would go out of your way to help others even at your own inconvenience, please continue on.

Being rich has absolutely nothing to do with money and so very much more to do with love, happiness, comedy, and other life-enhancing experiences. Think of the different ways you can use the word rich outside of the context of cash: you could say that something has enriched your life, or that a situation was rich with humor, maybe even that a certain food you love is rich with flavor. Rich is more of a describing word for positive experiences and improved circumstances that we share with others or privately with no one else.

Family can be an excellent source of rich feelings and situations. When you have a large and loving family that gathers for special occasions, each person partaking in the moments of elation and basking in the warmth of others, you are wealthier than any monetarily-abundant person who spends their holidays counting their cash and twiddling their fingers together as they scheme up new and interesting means of obtaining more green paper. A few thanksgivings ago I was fortunate enough to spend time with both of my parents, their sides of the family, and their close friends. We laughed and joked, ate exceptionally delicious food, and left with hugs and well-wishes. It was a moment that will remain in my memory til the day I pass away.

Richness is not just reserved to family. You can have a wealth of friends with in-depth connections, views and ideas, each relationship unique in its own way. Every new friend you make has the possibility to improve both lives involved. Interesting conversations can lead you to discover just how much akin you have with others and their shared interests. Fun adventures enjoyed with a good companion can become memories that last a lifetime, leaving fond reflections of the past that make for good stories to tell new friends made in the future. I’m sure everyone I know can reflect back to some point in their childhood or later in life that they spent with a good friend where just the mere thought being rekindled in their memories makes them smile.

Personal enrichment is also a powerful thing and one that makes us all into better people, better in the way we treat others and better in the way we view ourselves. If you are ever feeling down in the dumps, dazed and dreary, lethargic to the world around you, try going and doing something randomly nice for another person. Don’t do this for your own feelings of accomplishment or self-praise. Do it simply to do it. By helping another person in their time of need, you will strengthen the positive image others see in you, which in turn is reflected from them into yourself and creates a mutual appreciation for the kindness that resides in your spirit.

Some may say that doing nice things so you feel good about yourself is selfish in nature and is only done for personal gratification. In a way I agree and disagree at the same moment. If your purpose is simply for your own good feelings and bragging rights, then yes the act is a selfish one. If you perform a good deed and feel spiritually rewarded for having helped another, I see that as the natural effect of growing as a person and a movement in a direction that will have you subconsciously helping others without the forethought, or push, that used to be needed to get up off the couch and find someone in need. It’s also rather hard to stay in an angry or negative mood about yourself and the state of your life when everyone around you loves you for being a caring and giving person.

Laughter is rich. I’ve heard that laughter is the best medicine. It can’t mend a broken bone or pay for a doctor’s bill after a severe injury, but it can heal the mind. Depression is a common thing these days for many people and a great deal of it can stem from money issues. One of the best ways to trick your brain into obtaining a happy mood is to do something or watch something that makes you laugh. Spend time with someone that you know is good at distributing mirth on a whim. One of my friends told me that when he is depressed, he goes onto the internet and watches random videos until he finds something that makes him laugh. I found the advice to be very inspiring and have put it to use in my own life.

The richest feeling of all I save for last is love. The feelings associated with love are astounding and there is nothing else like it that I have ever come across. Even the best and heartiest laugh doesn’t measure up to the pure elation that love can inspire, the ecstasy when strong love overwhelms the senses and you feel as if you could simply melt into a little pile of love goo. If I could have one wish for humans everywhere in the world, it would be that every person could experience the pure joy that love carries into the soul. It doesn’t matter if it is love for a friend, family member, a pet, or a significant other in your life. Any love will do. When you find that loving feeling, swim in it and let it take you away because no amount of money will ever compare.

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