About Brad Hendrix

Who am I?

I was born and raised in Washington state and moved to Tucson, AZ in 2022, so I could be closer to my family. I have passions for composing music, building/playing guitars, acting/comedy, digital painting and writing. My top five values in life are love, creativity, curiosity, perspective and leadership. My goals for the future are to return to college and pursue a degree in Philosophy, as well as do more traveling around the world.

What is my educational background?

I graduated from Western Washington University with a Bachelors in Business Management at the age of 27. I was pursuing a focus in Accounting during my first two years, but all my friends in the department told me "you're good with people ... do something with that." They were right!

What are my Business Management skills?

Business Calculus

Business Computer Systems

Business Ethics

Business Law

Business Statistics

Entrepreneurial Problems (Consultant)

Financial Accounting

Fundamentals of Speech (Public Speaking)

Human Resource Management

Interpersonal Communication

Leadership Skills


Managerial Accounting


Operations Management

Organization Management

Organizational Behaviors

Organizational Change (Consultant)

Principles of Finance

Principles of Marketing

Project Management

Small Business Entrepreneurship

Teamwork Basics

Training and Development

"The best reward is working hard
on work worth doing well"

What is my work background?

In a word - diverse ...

I've worked every position in the restaurant industry: Dishwasher, Prep Cook, Line Cook, Waiter, Bartender, Bouncer and Assistant Manager. I taught young children the Fundamentals of Swimming at the city pool in Anacortes, WA. I was an Insurance Producer for a brand new Insurance Agent with State Farm in Bellingham, WA. I was an Account Expert focusing on Customer Service and Retention for T-Mobile before switching to a warehouse job where we Assembled and Shipped furniture and lighting fixtures. My most recent experience was as a Supervisor at Western Washington University before moving to Tucson, AZ and landing a job as an Operations Manager for CVS.

Why coach entrepreneurs?

That's a fair question ...

I've never found Purpose and Meaning in my past jobs despite performing them to my high expectations. Two people close to me have been softly suggesting from the sidelines the concept of coaching, and when it was first mentioned, I felt it was the right idea at the wrong moment. I've grown more. I've experienced more, and now I feel I'm ready to help others find Purpose and Meaning by achieving a healthy work/life balance. I've put in the practice, and after coaching clients from different backgrounds, I finally found my niche:

Professional Development Coaching for Entrepreneurs

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