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Professional Development Coaching

Empowering entrepreneurs to start a business, tackle rising issues and discover new ways to expand and grow

"He who holds balance

has attained the highest post in the world"

"Hey Brad, what is Professional Development?"

Glad you asked ...

Professional Development includes activities that help us develop our capabilities and potential, increase employable skills, improve our quality of life and aid in the realization of our dreams and aspirations. This process takes place over the course of an entire lifespan as we all continue to learn and grow. Roles such as teachers, counselors, coaches (that's me), mentors and self-help practices are the models and methods that lead us to discover the goals that align with our values. We attain these changes and growth points using tested programs, motivational tools, confidence techniques and assessment systems designed to support positive thinking and keep track of the successes made along the journey.

"Thanks for the info, but why would I need coaching?"

You ask excellent questions as if they're designed for seamless segues ...

We all want a job that provides purpose and meaning, but few of us ever attain such a lofty goal in our lifetimes. Do you align with any of the following statements?

"I want to make a change in my life, but I have no idea how to start."

"I've tried to meet my goals, but I get discouraged and give up."

"I've tried many different pathways to find success, but I always end up failing."

"I've been working on my own business, and I keep running into obstacles."

"I have a difficult time keeping myself accountable and tracking my success."

These are just some of the common issues we face when working towards goals in our personal lives and inside the workplace. It can be time-consuming to try and figure out the recipe for our individual success on our own, and many problems will block our path: depression, anxiety, fear, burnout, a lack of sleep, etc. There are times when the solution we seek is not within sight and dangling just out of reach.

This is the point where I come in as your personal Accountability Buddy ūüė䬆

"Nature does not hurry,
yet everything is accomplished"

"Okay, so what do you do?"

Yes, what indeed ...

First, I engage in a consultation call where we discuss the goals needed for success. I ask many questions to get to the root of the issue. I listen intently to the information provided, and I ask for clarity to better understand the situation.

Next, I will put together a plan of action to assist in achieving the desired goals. When we speak again, I will lay out the path, and we will decide on the length of commitment needed to turn these ideas into a reality.

Further, I will hold weekly sessions to check in on success, adjust goals if needed, provide research into aligned topics, analyze obstacles that may arise and set new milestones to continue the growth process.

"This sounds intriguing ... what kind of a commitment are we talking about?"

Time commitment my inquisitive friend, time ...

I have broken the coaching process into three levels that provide different amounts of support to work on milestones and recognize success. Availability is different for everyone, so we will discuss the option that best suits the goals we are trying to achieve. Step one is to complete the Tutorial, and then we can choose which path to take:


PRICE: $50

Need an extra hour during the Tutorial session?



PRICE: $175

Need an extra hour during the Beginner session?



PRICE: $265

Need an extra hour during the Intermediate session?



PRICE: $375

Need an extra hour during the Advanced session?


"I'm interested in starting the Tutorial. How can I get in touch?"

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